Another year is closing, and we are facing a new year with a chance to make some promises to ourselves. I usually don’t make big New Year Resolutions, but it’s an appropriate time to reflect on what’s working and where things can be better.

This is the time to be brutely honest, strong, and brave with yourself.

Honest assessment requires not only to see the good stuff but also the bad. To be aware if you’ve wandered from previous goals and then update them with new meaning.

You must be strong and thick-skinned. Don’t get depressed over digging through the problems in your writing life. Remind yourself that you want to be the best you can be, to shine as much as humanly possible, and that reflection is a gift you give to yourself.

Be brave and set far-reaching goals. Don’t settle for the same status quo. You have the freedom to jump as high as you can, so the bar should be something to strive for, not something you step over with ease. Hard work and sweat reaps more joy when the results are in, rather than the same ole’ ritual work.

YOU have the FREEDOM – embrace it. Be ready for 2022, and never stop giving to your writing life. Never silence your voice. Don’t follow mindlessly, instead create and be free.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Keep Writing today, and every day you still have life.


  1. I am writing a sci-fi with virtually no experience. It probably doesn’t follow the conventions that we read about online. But I enjoy it when I do it. Thing about me is that I cannot discipline myself to write fiction every day like clockwork. It NEEDS to be not only inspired but written/revised at what I perceive as the RIGHT TIME. This is how I live my life. And how I write too.

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