Getting Back To Writing After A Break

Last July we welcomed a new grandson.

He’s a happy, healthy, and welcomed blessing. Since then, I had taken a long break from my work in progress, working only in bits and pieces and placing the story aside in order to concentrate on my family, and enjoying our new grandson.

thumbnail(39)Now, with the spirit of #nanowrimo all about, I’m trying to get back into the work.

Though I’m not participating this year, still the fuss is pulling me in, making me want to get serious writing done. Sitting at my desk, I’m pondered the best way to get back into things—Where had I left off? How do I get back into that WWII groove?

Then I was reminded of a helpful idea I had read once before. 

Always mark up your outline headings using Dark – Thick – Marker for your major ideas. If like me, you use a program like Scrivener to write the outline, then use Big – Thick – Fonts) it works!

Sharpies and predictions by A Learning a day 

Of course the idea was concerning the outline for a small business project (not getting back into writing mode), but I always begin my writing projects this way, with a skeletal outline of major ideas, so this process seems helpful for writing. All that’s needed is an added tweak to the idea and it’s a relevant writing tip IMO.

Here are a few reasons why it helps to BOLD your major ideas:

#1 Once we begin writing, it’s easy to wander away from the main idea. Often we become enthralled with a new character or other additions in our thoughts, and can wander too far away from the main plot. Having the main ideas boldly set up in the outline will remind us quickly, as we gaze back, exactly what the goal should be. It aides us when we have to trim those ‘little darlings‘.

#2 Whenever you need to conjure up a new idea for a needed scene, having the outline easy to see actually gives us the freedom to add to the main thought relevant additions. We quickly remind ourselves where we’re going.

#3 Whenever life calls us away from our current work, like new babies, having the outline with the main ideas predominately displayed, helps us to get back into the groove. The main ideas are loud and clear, making it easier to get back to work after a break in the flow.

Some of the things we read about concerning good writing habits can help. Yes, everyone has their own way of doing things, but sometimes it’s the little things, like using Dark – Thick – Markers or Fonts, that really helps us stay in the right mindset, and guides our creative process.


If you have any small but helpful ideas regarding writing and outlines, please share in the comments.

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  1. Hi, Elisabeth! Probably the best advice I have is for those of us who have too many ideas and not enough time to do them all and it is related to your idea of bolding your big ideas and that is to write down your writing goals and prioritize them. Right now I am doing NaNoWriMo, so some of my other goals have taken a back seat to them. However, when I finish this first draft, I’ll know exactly what I need to do next because I’ll have it written down.

    1. Very sound advice, Donna. Our goals are written roadmaps, without them we’d get lost. You’re also right that we need to be flexible when things come up, and that’s when having things written down become more important. 😎👍🏼

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