Dreamer is a coming of age story about a Ukrainian boy, Ivan Rudenko, during WWII and his unique perspective as he and his family flee their home in Halych looking for freedom…

This is a story about keeping the dream of a free Ukraine alive and the search for a home.

It has taken me a long time to finish the manuscript, life interrupted my writing schedule two years ago, and all progress fell to a snail’s pace. It was worth the interruption. We have a wonderful grandson who’s the joy of our lives and the book did get finished, I had no choice.

This story needs to be told for the many voices who were never heard.

Today in the headlines we hear about the negatives of Ukraine and the corrupt government. What we don’t hear often enough is about the struggle Ukrainian people have championed over the years and their comeback after occupation after occupation.

In the spirit of fairness and openness, I thought it was due time to introduce to many uninformed people about the true face of a Ukrainian . . . Ukrainians who are true believers in freedom.

Though this is a fictional story, it emphasizes a side of World War II that has rarely been exposed, the side of the largest casualty group of the entire war. Yet, so little has been revealed . . . Why? Many factors like basic propaganda, censorship, hidden records, and self-preservation to name a few.

Living in the wartime chaos, surviving against soldiers from all fronts, the Soviets, Czechs, and Nazis, they made hard choices. In my novel, after the occupation of their land, the Rudenko family flees, hoping for a better future. My main character, Ivan, meets others along their journey through Slovakia and then the Bohemian Black Forest, people with their own stories to tell.

Finding hope while in Regensburg, they dream of becoming American citizens. The family witnesses the struggles of the war’s aftermath and the anxiety of waiting for their turn to emigrate.

If you enjoy reading historical fiction and would like to know more about Ukrainians, then prepare to wrap yourself into this bildungsroman story.

Reader Arcs will be available soon. Watch for more updates as I pull together the book covers and the inside design.

Thanks for your time, keep reading, and keep writing!

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