Halloween Countdown

Only a few days remain to find your costumes and get tricks-or-treats ready for your Halloween visitors. All  over the web there are recipes for ghoulish treats and how to’s for party decorations for the festivities.

The favorite thing I like about this holiday is that you can create your own costume, be as bizarre as you dare, and there are no rules. So, go ahead, read the posts but then let your own mask begin to form and let it be as dark, weird, or alien as you dare. Same goes with your writing, let the deep dark inner stories emerge. #keepwriting #amwriting

Show off your dark side—it’s okay—it’s Halloween! 

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Adult Halloween fun!

Halloween Candy Corn Jell-O® Shots

jello candy corn

Recipe via Allrecipes.com Halloween-candy-corn-jell-o-shots




Bacon-jalapeno-popper-mummies video

Halloween Food: Alien Baby in a Watermelon Womb

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