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Elisabeth Zguta is an Independent author and publisher of the Curses & Secrets serial:

  • Breaking Cursed Bonds,
  • Exposing Secret Sins,
  • Seeking Redemption

Her books are available here:  Amazon and Barnes & Nobel        

Other available work:

  •  Dreamer A Ukrainian World War II story ~ a historical fiction just released in 2020
  • In The Woods – Murder In The North East Kingdom ~ a murder mystery released in 2017

Both novels were awarded five stars by The International Review of Books

Born in Adams, Massachusetts, she has relocated numerous times to Rochester in upper New York state, Venice in Southwest Florida, Hatfield and Sturbridge Massachusetts, Memphis Tennessee area, and now resides in Columbus Ohio with her husband of thirty-plus years. Elisabeth has three sons, a daughter, and two grandsons. She grew up in the Berkshire Hills with her siblings: four sisters and one brother. As a member of a large family and an even grander extended family, Elisabeth is familiar with the drama and struggles that confront the modern family. She uses her insight to create the dynamic in her series. Elisabeth has always been a fan of Gothic horror, Bizzaro fiction,  Sci-fi, and paranormal-supernatural tales. Elisabeth is curious by nature and wants to believe.

Owner of the EZ Indie Publishing website, Elisabeth lists resources that helped her on her journey of self-publishing in hopes of helping others find the right resources. She also blogs about writing, publishing, technology, art, and creating.

Zguta also blogs at https://elisabethzguta.blogspot.com/ posts book reviews under the title: I Jumped! Into Writing . . .


The owner of the EZ Indie Design website, Elisabeth creates budget-friendly eBook cover designs and offers book formatting services to support other Indie authors. Visit the website EZIndieDesign.com to view some sample covers where authors can purchase a pre-made cover, request formatting and custom cover quotes, or can contact her via email with any request.

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International Dublin Writers’ Festival Magazine

Published Sept 3 2020 https://issuu.com/booksgosocial/docs/irb_and_conference_magazine_2020_4_9

International Review of Books – Winter Edition  

https://issuu.com/booksgosocial/docs/irb/8 Published on Dec 17, 2018  book listed page 8

Allison Rhodes BOOKS

What I Love About the Book Description of Elisabeth Zguta’s BREAKING CURSED BONDS article posted June 27, 2019

What I Love about the Book Description of Elisabeth Zguta’s BREAKING CURSED BONDS

Mystery Magazine 2018


The Challenge of Writing an Engaging Mystery by Elisabeth Zguta
article page 18

Author Interviews: a blog by Fiona Mcvie

Here is my interview with Elisabeth Zguta

Author’s Spotlight  at Lisa’s Writopia

Elisabeth Zguta – The Allure of Writing Fiction

November 27th posted by Lisa Binion, Author

Interview & Review:


Interview and five-star review post was written by Donna Brown author of this blog, How My Spirit Sings, published under the name Cygnet Brown, author of several nonfiction books and historical fiction series The Locket Saga

Read here: Elisabeth Zguta’s Latest Book in the Curses and Secrets Series: Seeking Redemption

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Six Editing Tips & Tools for First Drafts  


Reviews that were written by Zguta of other Indie Authors’ Books:

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Peer Reviewed

A blog site created by Nolan Lowell for Indie authors to review other Indie authors. Reviews that were written by Elisabeth Zguta:

August 3rd, 2016 Natalie’s revenge by Susan Fleet

July 25th, 2016 Desecration by J.F.Penn

July 22nd, 2016 Delirium by J.F. Penn

July 8th, 2016 Catacombs by Jeremy Bates

June 29th, 2016 Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates

June 1st, 2016 The Body Market D.V. Berkom

May 23rd, 2016 Greylock by Paula Cappa

May 9th, 2016 The Hitler Deception by Allan Leverone

Ten Authors Discuss Their Craft in May Issue of Silverlight Cafe!

– Elisabeth answers questions regarding paranormal vs. supernatural stories on pages 7-11

January 23, 2014, Breaking Cursed Bonds is Featured Book

Featured Book at Indies Unlimited

Breaking Cursed Bonds – A Review by Magnolia Blossom Review

Debut Novel Reviewed by Magnolia Blossom Review

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