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The journey ends with Seeking Redemption.

The de Gourgues family faces a new evil in book three. A stranger visits Robert with an ultimatum that may save himself – his family.

Robert needs to atone and get back his family’s trust. He had put them in jeopardy, and they were nearly killed when they had come face to face with the real monster behind Tom Bennett, the man who had once been his friend and mentor. False ideas had been pumped into his mind by his father’s enemy, but now that the truth is revealed, and Robert realizes the error of his ways.

However, things are not that easy. Robert must also make amends to his new wife, Rachel. He vows to take a new path to build their marriage on trust, but Robert’s past is held over his head, and he is coerced to assist the FBI to take down the dark society he once wanted to join.

Robert is recruited by Agent Sloan and is running fast and playing games, stuck between good and evil, between the FBI and the Black Wolf Society. Robert’s only hope is that he will not lose himself and his family in the process.

Robert spies for the FBI to bring The Black Wolf Society to justice and keep his family safe at the same time. Working as an inside mole to flesh out the secret society, Robert is on the inside of the dark group’s rituals and travels from Memphis to Brussels, and back home again.

Things get complicated. His sister Emilie and her fiancé, Jeremy, follow Robert to Brussels and put their lives in danger. The underworld society resorts to violence to protect their anonymity. Then, Robert is asked to murder to prove his allegiance. Is there a way out? Can Robert save Emilie? Can he find his way out of his emotional darkness and discover true happiness?

The family will never be the same.

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