The Virtues of Indie Publishing

The publishing industry is evolving. Hundreds of thousands of authors like you are publishing profitable work right now instead of waiting for agents and publishers to give the green light.  With KDP Print you can easily access tools, quality printing, booksellers, eBook and paperback distribution, and marketing strategies so that you can generate more opportunities than you imagined – all while building your following of readers. You can order Author copies, too.


Print a Paperback Using POD (print on demand)

CreateSpace is now part of KDP


Publish Your Paperback on KDP

Read the information via the links to the basic KDP answers to your questions about how it all works, what kind of files you will need, how to link print to your eBook, and more.

Publish your paperback on KDP:

KDP Tools and Resources:

How To Order author copies:

Create an eBook for a KINDLE reader with KDP

using a Mobi format file.

(see software page and check out Jutoh software and available tutorials)

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is the fast and easy way to self-publish your books for sale in the Kindle Store.

Kindle Help Pages – Information on “How To”  step by step with video

Getting started page:

Fundamentals of KDP Highlights

Create an AUDIO BOOK with acx


How to answers to your questions HERE:

A new way to reach more readers! You decide how your audiobook is produced, who narrates it, and whether you sell exclusively through ACX, or through ACX and other distribution channels.


There are other companies like:

and many more, where you can hire your own narrator to create your audio file so that you can distribute to acx and other sales sites like:

and many more. Of course you pay for the cost up front but would not have to split royalties.

Everything you need to know about your options for creating your acx audio book is here at the Kindlepreneur wbsite How To Make An Audiobook

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