Using: Smashwords, B&N Nook, Apple & KOBO for eBook Distribution

These stores all support digital files for eBook distribution. You must convert your manuscript into the appropriate epub format or pay to have the job completed.

(There is an option to use your word file to convert on Smashwords however that is not recommended unless you can ensure your book will pass the Meatgrinder, and is properly formatted. Very often there are kinks and straggling formatting issues that cause reading problems that may show up randomly for a customer.)

Best practice is to load an epub file which you can format yourself using conversion software like Scrivener, Jutoh or free Calibre.

The recommended way to load your digital files into the distribution sites of iBook, B&N’s Nook and Kobo is direct with your own account BUT you can use an aggregator site to load to other sites for you. Still, you must load the main file at least once. (Amazon uses mobi files for Kindle, while the other stores use epub files).

Smashwords now takes epub files, so you no longer need to send a word document through the Meatgrinder which can be intimidating. The Apple Store can be loaded directly only with a Mac, so if you have another type of PC you’ll have to use an aggregator site, like Smashwords or Draft2Digital or pay to have your work formatted and loaded directly by someone with a Mac.

Check out or hire a freelancer if you prefer not to do the formatting yourself. There are many professionals who hire out their services. Or use the DIY  software available to accomplish this, remember there may be a small learning curve. (see software page)

Welcome to Smashwords!

Smashwords is a global eBook distributor serving authors, publishers, readers and major eBook retailers. Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, personal memoirs, poetry chapbooks, short and long-form fiction, and non-fiction.

They also act as aggregator and distribute books to other stores (if you prefer not to load to the other sites Kobo, iBooks, etc. yourself) the Apple iBookstore, reaching 32 countries, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press, Kobo (which powers the bookstores of multiple other retailers such as FNAC in France and WH Smith in the U.K.), and other eBook Stores.

Read the Smashwords Style Guide to learn how to prepare your book for Smashwords.


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Self-publish with support.

As a writer, you want to write. So when it comes to publishing, you could use a little support. We make it easy. Keep writing. Keep your rights. We’ll help with the rest.

We’ll convert your Word document into an ebook with clean chapter breaks, a functioning table of contents, and optional endmatter to help you generate more sales. Want to print it? We can do that too. Your style guide is our style guide.


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Other PRINT  and eBook Distributors

Freedom in print-on-demand starts here. As a publisher, you are about to discover the fastest, most economical way to get your books into the hands of an eager buyer. The Lightning Source model is the most comprehensive and highly individualized approach for printing and delivering books in the publishing world today

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Ingram Spark – How It Works

IngramSpark is the only publishing platform that delivers fully integrated print and digital distribution services to the book industry through a single source. What does that mean? Once you finish and format your book we make it possible to share it with the world.  A relationship with IngramSpark allows you to focus on your specialty—creating innovative content while we manage the dull stuff: printing, shipping, and distribution.

When your books are sold through our distribution network, you are paid:

  • Printed (POD) Title — Dependent upon your wholesale discount, you will receive between 45-70% minus print costs (some markets may vary)

  • E-book Title40% of List and Agency Price, with Kindle opt-in; 45% without.

Note from Elisabeth Zguta:

There is much information to read and processes to learn in order to self-publish. Don’t become overwhelmed. Take the advice from other authors who have already experienced the process, learn from them, and then pave your own path. You will make mistakes, but that’s how we all learn.

Remain curious and take risks—it will be worth it in the end. More Information about my journey and things learned along the way are found in blog posts with labels of: Books, Writing, Marketing and Publishing tags.

Keep reading – Keep writing!

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