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 A sample of Recommended Courses for Indie Authors:

Kahn Academy



IWP University of Iowa International Writing Program

EFA  (Editorial Freelancers Association)

The EFA hosts webinars and online courses designed for editorial/publishing freelancers located anywhere in the world. All courses are open to members and nonmembers and require advance registration. Members enjoy reduced tuition. We keep our course prices as low as possible to merely break even with the costs of providing education.

EFA offers a variety of convenient general resources to its members and the public. Its newsletter, The Freelancer, is available both in print and online to members only.


Connect – Learn – Improve – Publish  Our online writing workshops allow you to study what you want with some of today’s best authors

Learn about IPR rights – Important for all authors

Link to site listing publishing terms:

 Open Colleges Australia’s leading online educator

The place where you can get free eBooks and textbooks for many subjects including:

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