Hello – I’m Elisabeth!

I am an advocate for independent writing and publishing. I encourage all authors to learn the skills needed for today’s book market and to keep in touch with the new technologies.

Curious – that’s me. I’ve always wanted to know more about everything, and my attention goes to many places and topics. I consider myself a life learner, not only with the courses I take but with life experiences as well. Nothing can bring more satisfaction than reading something new that sparks the imagination or connecting with other people regarding a topic. I write blog posts about my writing experience, new skills and technology challenges, and writing resources as well as other educational news and resources. I post articles here on this website

EZ Indie Publishing

and occasionally at my Google blogger site

I Jumped!  Into Writing… 

I write genre books of fiction: paranormal mystery, supernatural suspense thrillers, and horror stories, all with overtones of romance & history.

I hope readers will be left with something new to think about after they’ve finished reading my books and posts. I encourage everyone to continue learning throughout their life, and always remain curious.

I encourage creativity and freedom.

Years ago when in college, I dreamed of writing a book. Like many other students I was inspired by Hemingway’s characters and an English Professor. He taught about the relationship between the writer and the reader. The story’s journey involves both sides to be considered. I wanted to write and be part of that double-edged sword.

Then life happened.

My years have been filled with life. I have wonderful memories of raising my four, now grown children,  and I have one very talented grandson. I worked at various jobs and wore many hats over the years, but mostly I was employed as a buyer for new product development—from scented candles to green energy gearboxes for garbage trucks. There have been numerous relocations that we managed, living in New York, Massachusetts, Florida and now Tennessee, as well as other changes that filled our lives, it’s a long list.
Life was never perfect, but it was very good and filled with happiness.
Then, in 2010 the unthinkable happened. The family unexpectedly lost a young man, my nephew. He was the good one who died young. That changed everything for my family and made me think.
Time became more precious.
Our family still grieves, but the incident inspired me to do something with my time left. I decided to write. My favorite genre is horror—Gothic, classic, King, Koontz. I also enjoy the bizarre and weird, am a Trekkie, and enjoy thinking of the paranormal and supernatural forces.
After losing my nephew, it seemed our family had been cursed . . . which inspired my debut novel, which was in development for four years.

My first novel Breaking Cursed Bonds

is available in eBook and print at Amazon.com and other distributors.
Later a new edition of book one was released after working with a new editor to get the story aligned for the serial Curses & Secrets.

Book two of the serial Exposing Secret Sins  

is now available in eBook and print at Amazon and other distributors

Finally the Curses & Secrets serial is complete:

Book three of the serial SEEKING REDEMPTION

was just released November 30th 2016— I hope you take the opportunity to read it!

I am a member of the AiA and  She Writes™ communities

I continually work at honing my writing skills with feedback from readers, critique groups, and editors. I research daily, taking online courses to learn more about writing, psychology, history, marketing and the list goes on. As I’ve said, I am a curious person. In the end, I rely on my personal experiences to help develop credible characters who can move the story forward and entertain you. My writing voice is subtle (and a bit twisted at times). I enjoy writing antagonists the most —the nastier the better.

“Only when we see the dark side can we appreciate the good that we have in our lives.”

I truly hope you enjoy my stories. You’re feedback is always appreciated as well as any reviews. Reviews help keep an author visible. Wish me luck!


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9 thoughts on “Author Page

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I received your book from my mom in AZ
    and loved it. I look forward to the next one.


  2. I haven’t read your story ( but I’d like to ), I haven’t got a kindle. I was wondering what your take on the incident was, how did this happen ? I’d like to know more about this, did you have a source for your research ? Thanks, Mike.


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