The story of three siblings trying to find their way in a world filled with curses, supernatural monsters, and a secret society that wants to destroy them all.

A psychological thriller serial about Emilie, Michelle, and Robert.

Step out with the de Gourgues family as they go beyond the veil of reality, seeking help from Native American tribes to fill in the unknown gaps, as they struggle for their survival. The last resort lies in the hands of the FBI to end the troublesome reach of the Balck Wolf Society to save the family.

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Emilie discovers her family is cursed and vows to stop it, going to extremes to end its reach, all the while she is falling in love with Jeremy.

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Reader’s comments

“A race against time to break a family curse. I enjoyed the story very much. I thought the plotting was very good and the pace excellent. Fear of an old family curse was intertwined with more earthly greed and sprinkled with unexplained deaths. The main characters were interesting and Zguta used the psychology of fear, betrayal and insecurity to give them depth and kept them constantly moving the story on.
The descriptions of the various places the book was set, the UK, New Orleans and Florida were excellent and gave a good flavour of the atmosphere.”

“Awesome!!!!! This book was very enjoyable i could not put it down! I am looking forward to future projects from this author!”

“very compelling I enjoyed this book very much and am looking forward to the next one. The author’s description of scenes made me feel I was with them.”

“Seeking Redemption is the third book in the Curses and Secrets series about the de Gourgues family. First, there was Breaking Cursed Bonds-Emily’s story and then, Exposing Secret Sins-Michelle’s story. In Seeking Redemption, Zguta wrote Robert’s story, another spellbinding suspense novel.”

“The story line builds great suspense.”

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