All you need to know to keep the writing flowing . . .

Turn off all the extras on your computer – No social media connections at all.

Without the interruptions you will find a flow.

Shy-FaceIf you think you have writer’s block and in need of inspiration, don’t go to the web. Stay away from the world-wide-web.

Instead close your eyes and imagine something – anything – relating to your story. Your imagination will start picking up and before you know it you’ll be back at the keyboard to have at it.

Try it – it works. The simplest solutions usually do.

#Iamwriting today, and every day.

EZlogobuttonKeep Reading – Keep Writing!

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Great words of advice – just do it

Writing After 40 – like Lee Child

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  1. During January I have made a concerted effort to stay away from social media except for a short time each day – it has made a huge difference to my attitude towards not only my writing but also other aspects of life. I feel much more relaxed!

    1. Melparish you are so right. Too much social media clouds my thoughts and I end up losing too much time. I try to read as many peoples updates as possible then get out. It’s better if I wait until the end of the day and leave the morning for creative things.

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