(Curses & Secrets Book One ) 

The de Gourgues family is an eccentric family from Memphis – three siblings who struggle to find their place in a world filled with supernatural forces and evil foes. Scarred after losing their mother while young children, raised by Nina, the devout Christian house cook, and their emotionally absent father, Pierre de Gourgues, they struggle to survive.

The journey begins with

Breaking Cursed Bonds.

In book one, an ancient journal is discovered that contains secrets from the past and tells stories of French seamen, Florida tribes, and Native ceremonies once held in darkness, a world strange to even clairvoyant Emilie de Gourgues. Emilie experiences people’s emotions and senses their deep secrets. She is confused without a clue as to why they are felt. She discovers the strength of her paranormal power while tracking down the source of the lethal legacy that has shadowed her family for generations.

Her search brings her to the edge—even voodoo—while seeking the answers to why her mother died, and how she can prevent it from plaguing her family again.

Emilie meets and falls in love with Jeremy Laughton, who is searching to find his uncle’s killer. Their quests are the same path, and together they journey from Memphis to New Orleans—from Florida to France—to break the deadly curse before it is too late.

Emilie and Jeremy go to extremes to save her family’s future. They burn the old bones, but is it enough to save the family from a cursed future, or is there more to this deadly curse? Can an old ceremony performance keep them all safe? Who will die? Robert de Gourgues, the eldest brother, reveals his dark side and turns up the heat at the family table.

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Here’s what readers said . . .

5 stars

I could not put it down! I am looking forward to future projects from this author! 

5 stars

Very compelling . . . The author’s description of scenes made me feel I was with them. Patricia K*

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 Book Two of the Curses & Secrets serial:

Exposing Secret Sins

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