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Curses & Secrets

house-in-memphis.jpgThe three de Gourgues siblings live in Memphis and struggle to survive their world filled with supernatural forces and evil foes. Scarred after losing their mother while young children, they are raised by Nina the devout Christian house cook, and their emotionally absent father, Pierre.

In book one and two, the eldest brother Robert, reveals his dark side and turns up the heat at the family table.

In the first book, Emilie discovers her paranormal power’s strength while tracking down the source of a deadly curse that has shadowed her family for generations. The story revealed in an old book instigates her search for answers. Her research brings her to the edge—even voodoo—while searching for answers. She falls in love with Jeremy Laughton, and together they go from Memphis to New Orleans—from Florida to France—to break the curse. They go to the extreme and burn the ancient bones, but is it enough to save the family from future deaths? Will an old ceremony save them all?

At the end of book one, there is turmoil lingering between the siblings . . . 

In book two Michelle the youngest sister digs into the past and travels to Cambridge Massachusetts. There she faces her own past and tries to overcome her lingering feelings for her old professor, Silas. At the same time, she tracks down old leads to an unsolved murder to keep the association of her name from what happened seven years ago.

Michelle discovers family secrets and reveals ugly truths. She is chased by a member of a secret society and fears for her life. Her sister tries to help, but Michelle faces an unimaginable evil—a monster. Can she be saved in time? They race for answers and in the end survival.

Robert_at_AlchemyIn book three, we see a more vulnerable Robert.

He wants to change after his marriage to Rachael La France, a wealthy heiress. Robert wants to make amends to his sisters as well. But he’s forced to mingle with killers and play his part to stay out of jail.

Working as an inside mole to flesh out the secret society, Robert spies for the FBI—from Memphis to Brussels—and back home to Memphis again. Can Robert find his way out of the darkness and discover true happiness?

Will the family fall apart after all that has happened or survive the ordeals dealt? Can they find the strength to remain a family?

Curses & Secrets living in the Mid-south and traveling the world to find the answers for their survival.

Breaking Cursed Bonds

Exposing Secret Sins

Seeking Redemption

Robert deGourgues had done horrible things in the past, even to his own family.


Now he wants a fresh start, but he’s hounded by the Black Wolf Society. Once Robert had sought to be part of the elite group, but now he deplores their very existence. In order to remain free from arrest, Robert agrees to play a cat and mouse game with the treacherous group. Drafted to spy for the FBI’s special task force, Robert infiltrates the Black Wolf Society to bring them to justice. He hopes to protect his family’s interests and have a normal life with his new wife, but Robert ends up with something else . . . something he never dreamed possible. Will he survive the evil group’s reach?

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