A Ukrainian World War II story

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Editorial Review

“The book creates a cinematic view of the war through the eyes of a child. Reading this novel is tantamount to watching a film, providing us not only with a portrait of the family, but also a view of the war we may not have considered before. All this makes for a fabulous and memorable read.”


“Elisabeth Zguta uses a fast-flowing narrative more than dialog to reveal the horrors of the war and shed light on a dark time in history when it was easy to for governments to lie to its citizens and covert policies were the norm. Spanning the period between 1939 and 1949, the story highlights the suffering of Ukrainians after centuries of occupation, annexation and being regarded as inferiors. However, the spirit of the Ukrainian people is exemplified in the characters’ optimism, tolerance, and loyalty against incredible odds. Ivan and his family do not spend time despairing over the past. They never give up hope of a brighter future.”

~ The International Review of Books

Dreamer is a story about a Ukrainian boy, Ivan Rudenko, during WWII and his unique perspective as he and his family flee their home in Halych after the Nazi occupation of their homeland.

Living in the middle of wartime chaos, surviving all hostile fronts, the Nazis, Czechs, and Soviets, the family makes hard choices hoping for a better future.

Ivan meets new friends along their journey through Slovakia and then the Bohemian Black Forest, people with their own stories.

Finding hope in Regensburg, the family dreams of becoming American citizens while they witness the struggles of the aftermath of war and the anxiety of waiting for their turn to emigrate.

This is a story about keeping the dream of a free Ukraine alive and one boy’s search for a home.

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Dreamer – A Ukrainian World War II story

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