(Curses & Secrets Book Two)

Edited by Michael Garrett (Author of Keeper)

The journey continues with

Exposing Secrets Sins

Some families are odd, others inherit eccentric roots, laced with deep secrets. Eventually, the truth is exposed, and that is what happens to Michelle de Gourgues.

In book two Michelle, the youngest sister digs into the past. Her brother Robert threatens to expose her past indiscretions in an attempt to take control of the family fortune. Michelle worries that the past mistakes from her college years could now damage her reputation. Even rumors could cloud her leadership as CEO of the family enterprise. She leaves Memphis and travels to Cambridge Massachusetts to face the past.

Michelle tracks down the old leads of an unsolved murder, wanting to keep her name free from any association with what happened seven years ago, all while she tries to overcome lingering feelings for her college professor, Silas. Michelle requests the help of her sister, Emilie, and her fiancé Jeremy Laughton. They team up to search for answers. Secrets from years ago are revealed, and bizarre things happen. There is more to the situation than Michelle first imagined after discovering family secrets and uncovering ugly truths. Distraught by revelations, Michelle receives comfort from her Aunt Victoria and support from her friend Jackson Bennett.

The trail of clues leads Michelle to the leader of the Black Wolf Society, who is complicit in the old murder, as well as other horrific acts. Meanwhile, her sister and Jeremy investigate another angle, tracking down a past crime that happened at a Medicine Lodge in Montana, and proves to be relevant to the situation at hand.

Caught up in the stronghold of an underworld society, Michelle finds herself the hunted and runs for her life. It is not just a member of The Black Wolf Society chasing her now, it is a real monster. Can Michelle be saved in time? The family races for answers and in the end survival.

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The story line builds great suspense, it’s connected with the first book in the series, but I had no problem following even though I haven’t read the fist one. I’ll be looking for the final book to finish this excellent story.


I enjoyed this book. Family dynamics ….and a touch of fantasy.


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Now Released . . . the final story, or is it?


Robert deGourgues wants to redeem himself and make up for all the trouble he’s caused his sisters, Emilie and Michelle. Unfortunately, redemption comes at a cost. Caught up in a game of undercover, Robert assists the FBI and follows a road of tangled deceit in the name of truth. Nothing surprises Robert these days except what happens . . .