There are simple steps you can take to help you attain your writing goals and create good habits.

8ballSetting up a daily goal is a great tool to evaluate your progress.

Evaluate your schedule and make a realistic daily word count goal that is attainable with your scheduled writing time.

Then use these 8 steps to help you reach your writing goal.

First utilize the don’ts – making good habits help free up time to write:

1. Do not open email until the daily writing is finished.
2. Do not go on the internet until the writing is finished.
3. Do not go on the phone or text until the writing is finished.

The first 3 were negative, so let’s get some positive steps going…

4. Utilize story boards and outlines to help you organize the story and stay focused. This doesn’t mean you can’t pander or use organic storytelling techniques. It supplies you with a skeleton to frame the story and as you write scenes, the muscles and tissues enhance  the bones. You can track easily using index cards, Scriviner or Jutoh writing programs, or use an excel spreadsheet! Whatever works for you.

5. When stuck for the right words to flow, skip ahead and work on another section. Later revisit the passed over scene. Subconsciously you will ‘incubate’ the idea that had you stuck. When you return to the scene words will come.

The mind is amazing!

NaNoWriMo-General-Flyer6. Do not stop to research a point while free writing. Instead make a note and then jump over to the next lines. Later go back and do the research. You can revise as needed during rewrite and editing process. Use the NaNoWriMo approach –keep moving forward and then revise and update the ideas later during the rewrite. Save delving into the research for the editing time allotted, not writing time.

7. Remind yourself that good work takes time to develop.

Be patient with yourself.

8. Keep a positive attitude. If that means you need to scream out “I love writing!” Then do it. If you goof off one day, let it slide as long as you don’t let slacking become a habit.

by Tom Gauld











I hope these common sense tips help you. Every day is another chance to write something that only you can create. Be kind to yourself and keep writing!

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