Weekend Warrior or Everyday Writer – We All Need Inspiration.

There is so much around us, competing for our attention – How to choose what to write about? This has been a constant problem for me, and I think for many other writers out there too.

It doesn’t matter if you write everyday or only on weekends – there is so much stimuli out there, interesting people, places, strange animals, playing children, old cemeteries, parades, museums, art shows, music  – so many videos and NOISE!  How to decide which topics will be the best to write about?Creativity 10

Here are some help tips for you to use to identify good topics:

  • It has to hold your attention long enough to complete the piece you are writing.  Decide the size of your project and make sure your choice topic has enough ‘meat’ to fill the pages needed, and gives you enough to write about.
  • It has to be relevant to readers.  Understand who the reader will be for the piece and ensure your content will interest them and be true to the message you want to convey.
  • Does the topic ignite your creativity?  As you write you want to make sure the topic sparks your creativity.  Nothing dies faster than a piece you suffer through.

There are other things that can help – but I think these are major.  For larger works – using Pinterest Boards is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing.  Check mine HERE –   

We get bombarded with images everyday of our lives – some are beautiful, but do they truly inspire enough for a complete project?

So consider these  – know your projects’ size, the reader and your creative limits.

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