When we were kids Halloween was a big deal.

We worked hard on our costumes and made plans to meet up with friends. Just like in the Charlie Brown TV show, we went house to house with no parents.

Trick or treat.jpg

Many years later, we were still making the costumes but now for our kids. I remember designing the usual witches, pirates, scarecrow and pumpkin costumes. Even an ewok!  But they didn’t walk alone. Instead we made schedules with other parents in the neighborhood and we took shifts walking with our kids in groups as they went Trick-or-Treating.

Trick-or-Treating with parents

Today, I think most parents just make plans for home parties, it’s safer. If they do go out they are driven to “safe houses” or family and friends homes to show off the store-bought outfit.

Is it me, or has Halloween changed? Is it for the better or just a necessity? We no longer hear screams in the dark as kids walk down the streets scaring each other, nor do they wrap houses or play tricks . . . or do they?

tp house

News (from 2017) Colorado Springs man wants you to toilet paper his house

Make sure you buy some treats just in case they come to your door this year.

Happy Halloween

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    1. We like to see the kids dressed up, too. My baby grandson is a pumpkin. We’re lucky if we get ten neighborhood kids, not many compared to the hundreds who used to prowl the neighborhood years ago. Looks like a storm is moving in- we might not get anyone at the door this year! Happy Halloween, Donna.

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