Sometimes I think I enjoy writing most because of the research that goes along with each story. Most of what I read and research for a novel never makes it into the pages written.

Wait—let me correct that thought—It goes in but then gets deleted when I edit.

Thank goodness for you! No one picks up a fiction book with the intent of learning all this stuff. You want to be entertained, or to slip into another world, and forget your troubles.

I’m happy when a reader finishes reading one of my books and they feel good about the characters and possibly might have learned a little bit, or if already aware of some of the topics I delve into, perhaps they’re reminded of them again.

No matter how each book is researched, written, and then edited, I cannot help but enjoy the process of the research. I read and listen to file after file, and try to get into the head of the people of the day, the area, the possibilities.

While writing the newest WIP about a young boy’s experiences during WWII I have resorted to reading many diaries and newly released files from the other side, never really heard before. I was lucky to discover some resources in my family members home libraries.

The next book will be a little more personal, as I try to depict a wartime story from the heart. A story based on fragments of memories before they are gone forever. (Very loosely built on stories heard.)

My fictional characters never existed except in my head, but the heart and soul of the story are reminiscent of many experiences that our ancestors might have experienced before coming to America.

I hope fellow writers enjoy their research as much as I do.

Keep Writing – Keep Reading!





  1. Love, love, love research! But, you’re right–a little goes a long way. I always have to edit myself, as I find most of the stuff I uncover endlessly fascinating…

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