A Writer’s Life

is a life where a person continually finds the story. You’re in the market, at the office, driving your car down the highway . . . and what do you see as you look around you?

pen and notepad
photo by Circe Denye

A writer sees ideas for stories, a writer makes up stories about the things they see, a writer dreams of writing down so many thoughts . . . lines come to us easily as we think them in our minds during free-flow.

Then a writer dashes to the computer or yanks the pad and pen from your pocket (because you are that devoted to writing that you always keep one on hand), and in that brief slag, those few milliseconds it takes to reach for your tools, the idea slowly dims—that brilliant crisp gem of a well-defined scene we saw clearly in our mind has faded.

Photo by George Hodan

In a writer’s life, this happens daily. Some ideas are lost along the way but we will not give up. We scribble or type the sparks we can remember and hone them, polish it until it becomes something akin to the original glimmer.

A writer finds these inspirations for new stories all around us, no matter where we are, and the purest of them become part of our finished work. We consciously and subconsciously weave the glimpses we witness, those nuggets of life, are sewn into our story threads to create our tapestry.

creative-mohamed mohamed mahmoud hassan
photo by mohamed mahmoud hassan

A writer’s life is filled with stories, most of which never get written, but the perfect stories are the ideas finished and shared.

Keep writing!





  1. Hi Elisabeth: I did Butler’s Inside Creative Writing podcast and got a lot out of it. I love the way he teaches organic writing techniques and respecting the creative flow of inspiration. Great choice for your blog today!

    1. That sounds awesome, Paula. I think I’ll check out that podcast . . . organic writing, in my opinion, is the most fun and has the most emotional pull. Keep writing, Paula.

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