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Here in the Mid-south, the children are back to school. When I was a kid—yes I know that was ages ago—we didn’t begin classes until after Labor Day. This is just one example of how things are changing. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, just noticing it’s different.

Each day we are bombarded with small decisions made that change our lives (most often made by others).

Despite all the progress (and mistakes),  we’ve made as a society, I wonder . . .

Are we still the same inside? Have we changed our deep-rooted humanism?

Do the kids going to grammar school today have the same outlook, emotions, and attitude that we did as children?

I hope they have less peer pressure, but I doubt it.

There’s more ‘following the leader’ going on now than I recall. Perhaps it’s because years ago we were forced to ‘stay in line’ literally and figuratively, so we seized any chance we got to be an individual. I wish that for our young ones.

I hope there’s more optimism today, but again I doubt it. (See what I mean- I sound like Debby downer)

Everyone today sees all, including the kids. Unfortunately, most of the live wire transmitted over TV and radio these days is bad news. It’s hard for adults to stay positive, so how can we expect the kids to be happy. Yikes.

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I hope this new generation will be determined to work hard over the years—and I think that’s a big YES. They will have to discover their ‘elbow grease‘  because older generations have left such a big mess. Lot’s of work ahead to salvage our natural wildlife and resources. There are wind farms to build, heat pumps to dig, electric cars to make, solar panels to tweak . . .

Thank goodness we are getting back to paper bags. Plastic everything was a bad idea and horrible money grabbing decision. Yes, we can recycle, but many still do not. The trash is something left for the future to fix. It’s great that we’re trying to use glass bottles and cans like we used to—again this new generation will be left with much plastic to clean up in landfills and waterways, but at least we’ve all realized the old ways of using bottles works best, environmentally speaking.

cartons-of-milk Linnaea Mallette
picture credit: Linnaea Mallette

Today the young adults are embracing retro- recycling all kinds of ways: clothes, furniture, and ‘other stuff‘. I think that’s great!

It all comes down to common sense, As the pendulum swings back, let’s hope we’ve all learned lessons and the clock will tic back a little smoother this time, calmed with new knowledge replacing blatant ignorance of yesteryear.

Why is history so important? It’s obvious, so we learn from mistakes.

Also important is unplugging so we learn to think for ourselves. Wouldn’t it be great if the kids going off to school learn to unplug so they can actually be themselves and learn to be critical thinkersStudent Reading Books Shows Learning

There’s no such thing as ‘were all the same‘ as a matter of fact just the opposite is true. We are all different, individuals, each with our own voice, our own story.

I wish all students success

this school year and always. Work hard at being you! Tell your story, that’s one thing people will never get enough of—it will never change—we all enjoy a good story.

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