reviewsHello fellow Indie Authors

We enjoy sharing with each other, talking about writing, developing our ideas, and yes marketing and trying to get some attention on our books. It’s all good.

We all like to get reviews on our work, good or bad, any attention to be seen. I’ve noticed some great sites that list reviews (other than Amazon and Goodreads)

Yes the big names are the heavy lifters, and Kirkus is great if you have the extra funds.

Those like myself,who believe in doing things the Indie way, we appreciate alternatives.

Here are a few other options listed below.

If anyone knows of other sites please add in the comments below to share it with others. Thanks for your input and have a great day.

Of course you can leave a review wherever you purchase a book

(iBookstore B&N or Nook & Kobo), either online or at the store’s website. Most small bookshops have websites, too. Plus there is always:


EZIndiebutton2  Keep reading, writing, and reviewing!

Please add any review blog or websites that may help other writers in the comments.

Share the knowledge and we all win.

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