Confused about your writing yet?

There is so much information out there these days – everywhere we turn another person is telling us ‘how to do this or that’. Many of them put their ideas together and make a book, and then get us to follow and buy the book. Most of these have good information and it doesn’t hurt to read them. What is important to realize is that there is no ’golden rule’ when it comes to writing.

That’s right – no rule.writing

Each person has their own voice, their own vision – so it only makes sense to realize we each have our own path to follow. If you try to do everything just like everyone else, you will lose something – YOURSELF.

Keep your heart open.

Listen to the others out there, and learn the necessities and then –


Let your own voice be heard.

Your own way should rule the path of your writing. If you have a good story to tell the reader will get it as long as the basic guidelines are met.

  • Correct spelling
  • Good grammar
  • Interesting characters
  • A moving, fluent pace
  • A plot that intrigues and draws the reader in
  • A message for the reader to think about after ‘the end’

These are not rigid rules. They are guidelines to use to ensure your own voice comes through and shines on us, leaving the reader with the WOW factor.

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