Released! Book Two of Serial Curses & Secrets

Today, I'm sharing with you another milestone, my newest release!  Book two of the serial Curses & Secrets is available in eBook format. EXPOSING SECRET SINS is now available on Kindle. I hope you will take this opportunity to check out my stories. The serial is about a wealthy family in Memphis. Follow Robert, Emilie … Continue reading Released! Book Two of Serial Curses & Secrets

Developing Characters In Fiction

Character Development in Fiction Writing There are many books and articles about how to develop your characters with some 'tricks of trade' but it all boils down to a few key things to remember to add. They are tried and true - have been the success of many great stories for centuries.  The character has to feel real. Give him/her … Continue reading Developing Characters In Fiction

Getting Your hands Dirty

There will be days when you doubt your work - Wonder if you're 'Good Enough' That's when you need to remind yourself that nothing good can be revealed without the hard work that comes first...  Don't expect your first draft to be perfect. Don't expect every idea to come to fruition - at least not in … Continue reading Getting Your hands Dirty

Staying Focused

Finishing Your Novel... Writing a novel IS NOT an easy thing for a person to accomplish—but it is decidedly one of the most rewarding. That may be the reason there are so many people writing books these days, now that anyone can achieve this goal. The World Wide Web, eBooks, and print on demand distributors … Continue reading Staying Focused

Six Simple Guidelines – Allow Your Writing To Reflect Your Voice

Confused about your writing yet? There is so much information out there these days – everywhere we turn another person is telling us ‘how to do this or that’. Many of them put their ideas together and make a book, and then get us to follow and buy the book. Most of these have good … Continue reading Six Simple Guidelines – Allow Your Writing To Reflect Your Voice