Botanical Gardens Mixed With Art

It was amazing to see well-kept botanical gardens, displaying multiple plant life, mingled with the arts of glass blowing and Origami. Nature and Art are always a great source of inspiration for our writing.

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last July I took a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio with my husband, and daughter. It was amazing! I’d like to share some of the photos I took that day, before the weather changes completely. As the colder months draw near we can remember the warmth of summer through photography.

Tropical rooms, desert rooms and a butterfly conservatory –

Decorated with colored glass-work to emphasize the natural beauty of the plants and folded paper art. Origami is displayed beside nature. Small folded colorful cranes hang from the front ceiling. A room is designated to display more intricate folded pieces and mapped instructions hung on the wall for anyone ambitious enough to try the art of folding. Outside there are many paper masterpieces, as well, including three horses. The building is well kept inside and out and we enjoyed an entire day browsing inside and out.

Outside views



The inside foliage ranged from tropical to desert . . .

A favorite of ours was the Butterfly Conservatory

I hope all my writer friends, and those who are curious, enjoy my pictures and are inspired to visit and support your local botanical gardens and wildlife conservatories. If you’re ever in the area stop by¬† Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio


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Art Inspires Our Writing Lives

Martin Wong Books in my roomMost of us like to see art shows whenever we get a chance. It inspires our writing and our lives. The atmosphere and importance of a time period when created are reflected by the hands and vision of the artists, and maybe that’s why we appreciate them so much more, years later as we reflect back to those days.

Last month in Columbus Ohio I was lucky to spot a show of the modern art work of the deceased artist, Martin Wong.

The exhibition was at the Wexner Center for the Arts at the Ohio State University.

His work at first glance looks a bit bizarre and streetwise. To some degree, it is that, but look deeper and you will find much more, like using sign language in acrylic.Martin Wong - picture in my room with sign language

The scenes are often dark, lonely even, but the people are humanized. His paintings show hope in the eyes and love in ugly places. It also depicts the the hidden gay community of NYC back in the days when AIDS was first revealed and people were paranoid.

Here are some pictures of his paintings, which do it no justice.

Many are literally bigger than life. I hope if anything they will inspire you to look closer at this great artist and others as well, with an open mind and heart.

Martin Wong - Fireman sleeping with Puppy

Here’s an article from the NY Times from 2015 that does a great job explaining Martin’s work, a bit of biographical history and the development of his art in the 1970’s – 1980’s.

Martin Wong, an Urban Visionary With a Hungry Eye

Here’s an article from the Bronx Museum about the the Chinese-American artist martin Wong that was featured via the Andy Warhol Foundation of Visual Arts and the Henry Luce Foundation

Martin Wong: Human Instamatic

November 4, 2015 to March 13, 2016

Martin Wong Foundation

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