The Things We Say: through a glass darkly

It's funny how we repeat phrases often without thinking of where they came from or the context of the meaning. I noticed one such phrase recently "through a glass darkly". I had suggested to a reading group at that we should read a book series called: WITHIN THE GLASS DARKLY by William Gareth Evans … Continue reading The Things We Say: through a glass darkly

Writing For Yourself – VIP ME

A new year means new chances for us to create the stories we want to write, read, and share. Stories should make the reader feel and a good way to accomplish this is using the five basic senses, and then some. The basic five senses are taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. Let's add a … Continue reading Writing For Yourself – VIP ME

Inspiration From Dali Designs

I experienced the art of Dali Last week I visited The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida, located on the waterfront near the local university, a peaceful setting boasting blue skies and aqua water. The exhibit inside was a stranger sight with art created by the Spanish son Salvador Dali, who turned into the most … Continue reading Inspiration From Dali Designs

Reinvent Yourself! Embrace Change

CHANGE is upon us Indie Authors - Once again there are opinions stirring in the news! I am not going to go over the whole deal between Amazon and certain Publishing Houses - the stories are already out there and analyzed by people more qualified and experienced than myself. BUT  if you are curious check … Continue reading Reinvent Yourself! Embrace Change