New Covers and Update to TOC for Books on Amazon

Happy Friday – this is a quick note.

I heard through the FB grapevine that Amazon may be considering taking down eBooks that had the table of contents in the back book matter (which I did). So to be proactive I reformatted the TOC, and now it will be in the front matter. Find out more from David Gaughran in his post here.

In my opinion, it looks ugly this way, but whatever Amazon wants I’m happy to comply if they continue to distribute my books. I thank David for the heads up, as usual. Let’s hope it’s no big deal, but better to be in the know.

I wanted to show you my new covers for

Breaking Cursed Bonds and Exposing Secret Sins

I took the opportunity to also update the covers. What do you think?

Thumb Breaking Cursed Bonds Skull cover 2016

Thumb Exposing Secret Sins 2016 cover


Other news:

I have the third book of the serial Curses & Secrets in the editors hands.

I am really excited about Seeking Redemption. I think it’s about time we hear Robert’s voice. Can such a bad guy really attain redemption? Hmm – you’ll have to read it to find out. It will be released later this year, promise.

I’m happy to be working with a new editor for this book – Richard Thomas. He’s not only a great writer and editor, but he’s just finished a Kickstarter and soon he’ll be launching a new online magazine.

Check out:

GamutGamut Magazine: Neo-noir, speculative, literary fiction.

It’s not too late to get your subscription.


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Released! Book Two of Serial Curses & Secrets

Today, I’m sharing with you another milestone, my newest release!

 Book two of the serial Curses & Secrets is available in eBook format.

51cwh07ezEL__UY250_thumbEXPOSING SECRET SINS

is now available on Kindle.

I hope you will take this opportunity to check out my stories.

The serial is about a wealthy family in Memphis. Follow Robert, Emilie and Michelle de Gourgues as they struggle to find their way in a world filled with power struggles and supernatural events.

In book one, Emilie, a clairvoyant, meets Jeremy Laughton and together they break an ancient curse. They travel from Memphis to New Orleans, from Florida to France, and go to extremes to end the deadly curse, while delving into a world of voodoo and ether worlds.

In book two, Michelle investigates an old crime that happened during her college days, after her brother threatens to expose her involvement. In order to keep her name out of the press, and her reputation in tact, Michelle heads to Cambridge. She learns more than she bargained for when she discovers the truth about her mother’s past, and about a secret society, incriminated in the old murder and more . . .

Michelle ends up running for her life!

New book thumb

In order to make the serial Curses & Secrets a seamless story-line, I also rewrote




Thank you, ALL, who have chosen to support my writing! Your time is precious, and I appreciate you’re spending some of it reading my stories. THANK YOU!

Those of you who follow my newsletter, you may have already received this notice via email. Sorry for the duplication. Happy reading.

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You Can Re-Launch and Continue to Grow as a Writer

My debut novel was launched awhile ago, but I decided to make the story into a serial.

After having an outside source review my debut book and marketing strategy, I decided to re-write the original book before I continued on the serial path.

Some may say “you launched too soon” and they would be right. I was always one of those hands-on type learners. You most probably are too.

Too soon, or not, really isn’t the point. I refuse to look over my shoulder with regrets. Instead I choose to move forward to create better art every day.

We all need to remember to keep writing!

Independent writers have other awesome tasks to perform besides writing.

The list grows exponentially from these basics:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Re-writing
  • (Repeat the last two steps at least three times)
  • Beta reader test
  • Critique Group review
  • Re-writing after feedback (did you know that 75% of writing is re-writing)
  • Final edit
  • Cover design
  • Marketing plan strategy refined
  • File formatting
  • Load to distributor sites
  • Execute launch

Yes, even after all this work, you may be like me and decide to go back to reinvent your story or add a tweak. Let’s all hope we can do this with an open mind, and have fun with the many options now available for authors. There are blog hops, blog guest posting, launch day give-aways, launch events on Facebook and Goodreads, or you could have a Twit-a-thon (I made that up but it sounds like fun).

So many ways to let the world know you have a book for them to read.

So now . . .

my debut novel is re-written, after being edited by one of the best new writers (& editor) today.

I feel confident and ready to re-launch.

But then I remembered the long list of details that need to be completed to market. More work is still ahead.

I will do a soft launch for the revised Breaking Cursed Bonds. and use most of my remaining time concentrating on editing the second book Exposing Secret Sins and the serial will continue. . .

But I need to do some things:

Since I am the publisher, my first stop will be Amazon customer service, hoping they can assist me in my efforts to contact the wonderful folks who previously bought my book so they can get the updated version for free.

Then I will update the files and covers at the distributors and spread the word around.

I won’t be: sending flyers, crowding Facebook or Twitter with ads, or pushing myself on anyone.

I will: make announcements, and send out notice when it’s available.

I do hope YOU may be one of those interested enough to read my new edition of Breaking Cursed Bonds.

You’ll love it because it’s a great story.

I have learned much about writing from Jen Blood, who is not only a great writer but also a great editor. She knows how to empower the writer within. All writers should be as fortunate to have her guidance. Check out her books the Erin Solomon Mysteries.

Once again I can pick up my pen (okay keypad) and write with confidence, knowing that I am getting better with each new word. #amwriting #amediting The never-ending cycle continues.

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Here is the work in progress new covers . Your comments are welcome 🙂


BCB Cover book one 100 ESS Cover book two 100








Intro video – more to come for new edition. . .


Understanding Copyright (Clear measures to follow)

Copyright is not a black & white issue, but has layers of gray matter –

(see various links below with helpful copyright information)

MWC1There are many ongoing discussions on this topic in various writer websites, blogs and columns. There was a great conversation at Indies Unlimited and another on LinkedIn. Some say “keep it simple and mail yourself the manuscript.” The truth is you don’t even have to do that –  As an author of a work you automatically have the copyright, whether you are a writer or student,  at least according to the newest law.

In 1998 they updated the  Copyright Act of 1976. You have the rights to your work for life plus seventy years!

There are some issues though, that crop up from time to time, when you may need more than your copyright of author. If you truly want to be protected, in a case of plagiarism for example, the courts will be more in your favor to award your injury if you have the copyright registered.

Lucky for us all, it is easy to do and fairly inexpensive. Just go on-line and register and pay the $35 fee, that’s it.  thCAIPPIK2

The gray area of copyright law comes into play more often when we choose to sell our rights, or license the rights. This is also very important to know about, if you ever quote someone, or use parts of other people’s work in any novel, instructional material or classwork.

Free-Public-Domain-Watching-EyeFor example, in copyright law there is an exception 110-1 which states some works can be quoted and used for educational purposes. Like any exception, you need to understand when and where it applies. Most teachers use this exception in their classroom when they show a film, or pass out enrichment materials. Most don’t give it a second thought, however as authors, we need to be sure that any content we use to support our own work, is licensed for that use, before we use it. The intent of the redistribution is also very important.

There are some places where it is easier to find the public work we can use and reference in our writing, let’s say for our own blog. We can visit the Public Domain and see what is there open for the public. Just make sure you understand what can be used, and how. Also, there is work listed as Creative Commons, again with various licenses controlling how the work can be used. So read and understand the license attached to the work you want to quote.

The same kind of protection follows musicians. There have been cases where one songwriter will sue another – most famous that comes to my mind is when George Harrison was sued by the Chiffons for his ‘My Sweet Lord’ recording. On that note – here is a sample of the famous two songs – Judge for yourself.

Useful Links:    copyr Gov      cc


Digital Millennium Copyright Act   WIPO


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