Murder In The North East Kingdom

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Available for Kindle HERE

I am happy to announce that the eBook version of my newest thriller book is available at your familiar online stores. The paperback will be available soon, as well, for those who prefer to hold a book with a spine in their hands.

This story is a murder mystery and then some . . .  A book with real relationships, fractured people, making their way through life with the cards dealt them. Anyone who ever felt jilted, disrespected, or misunderstood will relate to the characters. If you are looking for a getaway and want to experience the mood of the woods—grab a copy today.

Enjoy! Moreover, thank you for your patronage.

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~About the story~

Pulled emotionally in all directions, Samantha searches for answers to find a killer, and to discover herself.

The locals call her Sam, and she works at Maidstone Lake as a Vermont Forest Ranger. She stumbles across a dead body in the woods at Brunswick Springs. In over her head, Sam seeks help from the New Hampshire Trooper assigned to the case, Zachary Gerard. Together they search for clues to solve the murder.

Isolating herself from others, haunted by unanswered questions about the past, Samantha Tremblay lives with cracked relationships—between herself and her father, and friends. Mourning her mother, Samantha feels a pull toward her heritage, the Abenaki tribe, but afraid to open that doorway to the past.

Old secrets get in her way and hurt feelings resurface.

Sam faces her lingering romantic pangs for Zach and is forced to deal with a family tragedy. Things in her life tumble into shambles, as she realizes that her relationships with family and friends are not what she thought.

No matter how much her personal life is troubled, Sam works to find justice for the victim.InTheWoods_MurderInTheNorthEastKingdom_Insidecover_Med_2017

Grab a copy and find out more about Samantha ~

Available for Kindle HERE

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