One thing that has changed everything in the Publishing Industry  is the willingness of self-published authors to share with others the ins and out, the experience learned by hands on doing, and the pitfalls to be wary of in publishing. With such a giving group, late comers to the Indie book scene can benefit from the generosity of other writers who have blazed the path to self-publishing.
Not too long ago self-publishing was frowned upon as if it meant the same thing as a vanity press. Things have changed dramatically, and today the Indie bookshelves are filled not only with newbie authors but also with books written by seasoned authors who chose to leave traditional publishing companies and venture the Indie path in order to make money. Today vanity press is traditional publishing!
Why should anyone work for free? The  hours of hard work authors put into their books should never be taken for granted. Most authors have a better chance to earn money from their efforts with self-publishing than they do with traditional.
If you want to join the excitement of the Indie Book Publishing World but don’t know where, or how to start, then you’re in luck.
Here is a list of some helpful places to start . . . but I warn you, there’s lots of reading involved and many things to learn. So get settled in for the long haul and make the choice to take your writing work seriously.

Step up to the new world of self-publishing, learn more about being Indie here:

For more info & resources that you will need while following your own path to being published, check out EZ Indie Publishing Info Begin Here

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