Writing a new story can be exhilarating and scary at the same time. We put our ideas out there, vulnerable to the critics. Many write and never publish because they can’t face the rejection. Others publish too quickly, sending readers stories filled with potholes and disappointment.

My friend, Sri, has been honing his craft for years and he is finally letting the world see his work. He first released a novelette, THE KITE then a short, SARA, in an online anthology, but he has many more stories to share.

The new book, SHADES of LIFE A Collection of Short Stories by Sridhar Shankar was released and went public without any fanfare or big marketing campaigns, and yet he already has a 5 star review which is justly deserved.

I first met my friend Sri at a Writer’s Critique Group in Memphis. Everyone in the group was serious about developing their skills and sharing best practices. Truly, we wanted each other to succeed. Unfortunately, we no longer meet, the group broke up some time ago, but Sri and I have kept in touch and have read each other’s work over the years. Sri is a busy guy, with a wife and kids, a demanding work schedule as a doctor and teacher, yet he loves to write.

I encouraged my friend to write whenever possible, as many others had as well, because his stories are so gripping. I hope that you take a chance and grab this first book of short stories and see for yourself his smooth style that brings the reader eye to eye with the characters.

Find out more about him on his page here, or follow on Facebook here.

Short story lineup:

When you find these short story titles intriguing, you can grab a copy of the book here and enjoy. Please leave your review when finished, it’s the best way to help spread the word about this great story collection by Sridhar Shankar.

Thank you! Keep Reading – Keep Writing!

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