Motherhood is a state of mind

Another busy week has passed and most of us are lucky enough to have the weekend off. However, there is a reality that over half the population can’t realize…

Moms never have a day off.

From the moment a child is felt, rolling around in the womb, from that second when the first cry is heard, and every minute afterward as a child grows, stumbles and learns, a child is always in a Mom’s heart.

Those who are not mothers cannot imagine the weight of that instinct. It’s an echo in your body, as natural as breathing, you have this child’s image burned into your mind, heart, and soul forever.

Of course, there are some exceptions….not all mothers are fully engaged for various reasons. There is postpartum depression that some mothers, unfortunately, experience. Thankfully this can be treated today and the mother-child bond can be forged. Learn more about postpartum here.

There are some women who face financial or social issues which cloud their bond with their child, too. I feel for them, especially since I have known hard times, and I hope that someday all women can be liberated from outside influences so that they can fully experience the miracle of life without the stress.

Credit to Dawn Hudson

Here are some places to find solutions: –  Treat Stress Naturally  – There Is No Such Thing as Stress-free Motherhood

Here are articles for at least a less stressed family life: – 5 Secrets to a Stress-free Happy Family – Happier mom instead of stressed out mom

The truth of the matter is that most mothers have this deep-seated instinct. It’s part of the package if it hasn’t been warped. There’s no shaking it, no splicing, you get the good with the bad.  But no one else in the world will defend you like your mother.

If you are one of those lucky people, to have a mom who loves you so much that she puts you before herself, then give her a hug this weekend. If you live far away call her, FaceTime her, send a virtual hug, and never stop saying, “I love you, Mom.”

Happy Mother’s Day!


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