Most people go through life keeping busy, we are a task oriented society, and it isn’t often we give ourselves the time for a break.

I recall when I had a normal job for corporations where I spent hours of my life working for others. Everyone was a customer of sorts, and I tried to keep people happy, tried to solve problems, and even got so involved that I often didn’t take my breaks. This was normal, and remains the norm for many people.

If only we could take back that time and use it for our own pleasure, but time never stands still. No matter how much we want to savor a moment, it passes. We look forward to vacations and then they are only a memory.

We watch our children grow, and now watch our grandchildren, and time never takes a break.

But you can take at least a fleeting minute to realize this truth so you can then focus your busy life on the things most important to you. Choose the activities you want to be involved with, not the things you feel pressured to do. In other words, follow your conscience.

Are the activities you’re involved with dear to your heart?

I ask myself this almost every morning. My number one priority is my family, and though miles separate myself from many of them, I still try to know what they are doing, how they are getting on in life, and what are their dreams and goals. I want to support them and their endeavors even if by long distance. These days I am watching my grandson while his mother goes to work. It’s a wonderful experience to be part of his daily life, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

We recently made a major move from Memphis to Columbus. Buying and selling of houses, and moving years of stuff, it grew into a major distraction. My entire routine shifted. Now I need to create slots in my new schedule so that I can get back to my work in progress, my writing. The calm is coming and I am clearing space for all the busy things I love to do…one of the top activities is writing, of course.

So even though time never stops, I can stop when I need to do something more immediate and important, then get on with the things I want to do once it fits into a routine again.

Never punish yourself for taking a break from writing or creating anything because life demands your attention. It is our everyday lives that inspire our art, after all. Embrace the things that must be done, then be joyous when you return to your chosen activities.

Time does not wait so spend it on the things you must and then strive to create time slots to spend it as you want—writing!

Keep Writing!

Bloom into the person you want to be… Be creative and always read great books!


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