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is an ugly beast that slips into my world uninvited.

Lately, it seems everything becomes a distraction as I struggle to finish the first draft of my next book.

I went past the deadline I had set for myself in hopes of stoking up the motivation to continue and get it done . . . Yes, many things get in the way but my worst diversion is myself.

Procrastination. I try to do too much. I think too much about doing too much. Here’s a great article by Gustavo Razzetti, The Adaptive Mind, via Psychology Today:

How to Stop Being Busy All the Time Do fewer things, better

Emphasizing prioritizing and deciding what to focus on, this advice is helpful. I’m hopeful.

war of artThe best advice comes from a well-known figure to all writers. I’ve read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield and recommend it to everyone who encounters the dilemma as me.

It seems I need to reread it now before I waste more of my time not producing.

Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.

-Steven Pressfield

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I’ve been busy these days making up excuses: the holidays are here, I have two grandchildren to worry about and spoil, thinking of my grown children’s lives and their tribulations, thinking of my elderly mothers, thinking of the other stories that jump into my head at will, thinking of my anxiety over getting things done!

Yes, we do create our vicious circles. (at least I do)

Today I decided to stop all the nonsense and face my resistance.

The mantra I’ll repeat to myself:

  • I can write,
  • I want to finish my work in progress,
  • it is a story dear to my heart and
  • it needs to be told.

I plan to tell myself this every idle moment so that I can face the wall of resistance.

I will write on the wall of resistance! 

I hope you find your motivation to #KeepWriting


Post-Script ~

I’ve been working a new book about a young Ukrainian boy during World War II who’s fleeing his homeland with his family, and they are seeking freedom as refugees in Regensburg. The working title is:

The Dreamer  What do you think of the title?

EXTRA fun via the Kindlepreneur site:


Kindlepreneur, Dave Chesson


  1. Yes – we are often the wall. ๐Ÿ˜ Our writing life seems filled with contradictions – like split personalities. I wonder if itโ€™s because we let into so many characters into our head? Lol happy weekend, Paula.

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