Happy Holiday

Wishing everyone peace during this holiday time . . . Safe travels, warm homes with welcoming family, and cozy company. Even if you are alone, may you find peace of mind and be filled with love in your heart. Love is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

Live Like It’s Your Last Breath

It's a beautiful spring day. The rain has passed, the skies are blue and the grass green, and the birds are singing. As we appreciate the beautiful surroundings, preparing for our spring holidays, it's easy to forget the truths in the world. We are lulled into a false nicety, a fairytale land, and hope for … Continue reading Live Like It’s Your Last Breath

The Things We Say: through a glass darkly

It's funny how we repeat phrases often without thinking of where they came from or the context of the meaning. I noticed one such phrase recently "through a glass darkly". I had suggested to a reading group at BookLikes.com that we should read a book series called: WITHIN THE GLASS DARKLY by William Gareth Evans … Continue reading The Things We Say: through a glass darkly