Share A Story with Someone

haystack maze, books to choose

A good story can lift anyone's spirits. We can choose the books we love, and we can also choose the people we call family. Don't let yourself or others around you be lonely this holiday. READ


If this winter has taught us anything, it's that in life we serve ourselves best if we engage in patience. It's April, long-awaited spring is upon us, and then another snowstorm hits the Mid-Northeast and pounds rain upon many other regions of the US. We are tired of winter, want spring so much our bones…

Happy Holiday

Wishing everyone peace during this holiday time . . . Safe travels, warm homes with welcoming family, and cozy company. Even if you are alone, may you find peace of mind and be filled with love in your heart. Love is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

Self-reflection Before the Holidays

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are done deals,┬ámaybe we can concentrate on the holiday ahead. Not the shopping, baking and gift buying. . . Instead, I'd like to suggest that we take time to do a bit of self-reflection. Think about your life in whole and the finger…

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