Share A Story with Someone

haystack maze, books to choose

A good story can lift anyone's spirits. We can choose the books we love, and we can also choose the people we call family. Don't let yourself or others around you be lonely this holiday. READ

Writing For Yourself – VIP ME

A new year means new chances for us to create the stories we want to write, read, and share. Stories should make the reader feel and a good way to accomplish this is using the five basic senses, and then some. The basic five senses are taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. Let's add a…

Getting Educated for Free – Writing, Music Appreciation & more

Broaden your horizon - learn new things about this wonderful world. Many people went to school years ago, you got a degree, BUT there is so much more to know in these fast changing times.  Some of you may never had gone to college at all - BUT it is never too late to learn something new.  Everyday we have…

No Replacement for Your Brain Power

I have been reading lately about 21st century technology and where it's heading. New discoveries and the ongoing research around the human brain, how it works... and one thought jumps out. All the new computerized algorithms and all the visual stimulation we see today is still processed by the good old human brain. What a wonder we…

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