Writing A Scene-Creating an Environment (reposting)

Setting Up Your Scene (I am re-posting this helpful information with updated links #amwriting ) When Writing A Novel or Short Story there are 4 steps and MANY questions needed to be answered in order to place the characters in the environment you create. The scene attains the GOAL that you want to unfold. Setting … Continue reading Writing A Scene-Creating an Environment (reposting)

Blog Award

 A Blog Award I'd like to thank Charles for choosing me for the blog award.Visit his blog at Charles Ray's Ramblings Views and Commentary on Just About Everything  and give him some TLC. This Blog Award is a great way to get to know each other. We follow blogs, sometimes we might even post comments, … Continue reading Blog Award

Developing Characters In Fiction

Character Development in Fiction Writing There are many books and articles about how to develop your characters with some 'tricks of trade' but it all boils down to a few key things to remember to add. They are tried and true - have been the success of many great stories for centuries.  The character has to feel real. Give him/her … Continue reading Developing Characters In Fiction

Spending More Time Writing (Authors stressed by multi-tasking)

Writers of fiction want to create a world and live in it. They live to write every detail of the world they envision knowing they will most likely edit much of the prose out. When we're not writing we are thinking about our stories, sometimes even having conversations in our heads with our most vocal … Continue reading Spending More Time Writing (Authors stressed by multi-tasking)

Reinvent Yourself! Embrace Change

CHANGE is upon us Indie Authors - Once again there are opinions stirring in the news! I am not going to go over the whole deal between Amazon and certain Publishing Houses - the stories are already out there and analyzed by people more qualified and experienced than myself. BUT  if you are curious check … Continue reading Reinvent Yourself! Embrace Change