Reinvent Yourself! Embrace Change

CHANGE is upon us Indie Authors - Once again there are opinions stirring in the news! I am not going to go over the whole deal between Amazon and certain Publishing Houses - the stories are already out there and analyzed by people more qualified and experienced than myself. BUT  if you are curious check … Continue reading Reinvent Yourself! Embrace Change

Unblock Your Writing – Stay Creative

Find new joy for your words I read this article by Copyblogger about things that kill our creativity.  I realized the truth in the 8 items listed - they were it!  The list was exactly the things I do - and they are very stifling at times. Looking for a way to CREATE and break the blockades in your … Continue reading Unblock Your Writing – Stay Creative

Finding Your Unique Voice

Sounds easy - but in reality this is one of the hardest things to accomplish for many writers. There are many opinions of what constitutes the writing 'voice'.  Is it your genre's style, sentence structure, or your 'way of talking'?  How do you find yours? How did we lose it to begin with? There was an … Continue reading Finding Your Unique Voice

Let Your Imagination Out – Try Looking At Things Without The Strings

Have you ever wanted to play with fate? You know, do the unexpected . . . We all have some rebellion in our nature, as we try to be an individual with our own thoughts, writing, art and music.  In reality, we are all made of the same basic emotions and we go through the … Continue reading Let Your Imagination Out – Try Looking At Things Without The Strings