CHANGE is upon us Indie Authors –

Once again there are opinions stirring in the news!newspaper-hi

I am not going to go over the whole deal between Amazon and certain Publishing Houses – the stories are already out there and analyzed by people more qualified and experienced than myself. BUT  if you are curious check out these blog posts, so you will be up to speed.

Write On The River      Let’s Get Visible

Instead let me mention an IDEA that is so true it will never CHANGE or go out of style.

What is this IDEA you ask?

It’s CHANGE itself!  Simple idea, we all know CHANGE is here to stay, yet we all fear it.

BrainLet’s say it again together real slow… C H A N G E.

CHANGE is scary. We are creatures of comfort, we like our tidy routines, standardization, and everything available to make our life easier – right? (Boring!)

Truthfully – we all get red in the face when there’s another Window or any software update, right?

Or when Twitter changes the banner size, or Facebook changes the way they post our carefully written jokes.

Let’s be honest – even Google likes to mess with our heads once in a while.

But it is all about change – and we humans usually hate the inconvenience and the unknown element that surrounds CHANGE. Okay – I think I used that six lettered word too much. You get my point, and we all know it is inevitable.  So what’s my point?

Let’s jump-start CHANGE – that’s right, let’s anticipate CHANGE – and then run with it!

Embrace it!   Look at it as a chance to invent something new.

I Learned something new today.

It’s like a new morning, so open your eyes with an element of wonder – and ask yourself

“what can I make different now, because of this change?”

The fear will become your friend –

harnessing its power to REINVENT YOURSELF!

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