IMG_6986It’s that time of year

We say we’re not going to do it, but then at the last minute, we change our mind and decide that we do in fact need that commitment to ourselves.

So yes—WE SET UP GOALS for 2018.

IMG_4674We might have given up the ole’ standby goals and opted for more specific things to better our future. Instead of the generic “I will eat healthier” we may decide to be specific and vow to “cut out gluten”.

scrivener-progressInstead of saying that we will write a book, we may have raised the bar and decided to be specific and pledge to write 2000 words per working day. These are just examples of how we can make goals more specific to attain the loftier goal we are after.

It becomes even more important to be specific when dealing with another job that we Indie Authors must do, whether we like it or not. MARKETING

We all know that it’s important for our books to be seen, that there are many creative ways to attain this, and that it takes a lot of work. It’s more than posting a few social media posts every day, it’s more than relying on friends and family to spread the word for us. There are steps necessary to get our books seen, and most have to do with correct SEO etiquette, advertising, and talking up our work via blogging and other means.IMG_4689

It’s important that the content we write uses proper tags, but the number one golden rule to remember in 2018 is that mobile is king! Make sure your content is mobile friendly and the content you write is compelling for the reader’s viewpoint.

The year 2018 is all about your customer!

Here are some places to get tips on the newest trends in marketing:

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