Post-impressionist, Paul Cézanne, stands outside of his studio at Les Lauves in Provence, carrying a chair as if ready to sit in the sunshine. The photo was taken in April, 1906, six months before his death.

Cézanne was credited as the bridge between late 19th century Impressionism and the early 20th century’s Cubism.

He’s famous for his work “The Card Players” a series of 5 oil paintings, (and collection of sketches).

One of the paintings sold for $250 million in 2011, claiming the 2nd highest priced painting in the world, only out-priced later in 2017 by the rediscovered painting “Salvador Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci.

A print copy of the famous painting hangs in our home’s family room, promoting a warm homey feeling.

I enjoy gazing at the deep yet alive colors of the painting, noting the concentration on the men’s faces, and I can almost smell the tobacco, and hear the draws and puffing on the pipe.

Often we writers are inspired by art and music that we experience, and these muses can empower our writing to become strong and engaging, touching the senses of our readers with our words.

This is what most writers strive to do, so always read great stories, listen to a variety of music, and examine all kinds of art….even street tags have been known to inspire great stories.

Keep Writing!

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