Poetry by Taras Shevchenko

“When I am dead, bury me In my beloved Ukraine…

…Oh bury me, then rise ye up

And break your heavy chains

And water with the tyrants’ blood The freedom you have gained.

And in the great new family,

The family of the free,

With softly spoken, kindly word Remember also me.“

__ Taras Shevchenko from Testament

Ukraine has been fighting for freedom for centuries. It is truly an international country with many nationalities passing through over the years, many invaders, and many conquerors. Despite the influences, the Ukrainian people hung onto their culture, their language, and customs, no matter how many times they were persecuted. Today Ukraine again is in the middle of war, not because they wanted to fight, but because once again, an oppressor wants to Russify Ukraine.

Please pray for the people caught up in the quagmire between foreign interference and foreign corruption. Stand with Ukraine, a country that loves freedom and is battling for home and family. Slava Ukraini!

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  1. Yes I will be praying for the Ukrainian people. A remarkable and brutal history. The common Ukrainians people are special. They have tenacity!
    Kevin Taylor

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