Iris logo Belgium_brussels_ForestThe terrorist assault in Brussels is yet another demonstration of humans who turn themselves into monsters.

It doesn’t matter the cause, what matters is the result of the actions taken that turned into yet another tragedy. Even the noblest philosophy can be twisted and turned into a catastrophe. We have centuries of history that shows us this, people with supposed justified causes who turn out to be nothing more than human monsters.

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Since the beginning of time man has been tempted by false politics, false ideologies, and blinded with words that hide the ugly truths and intentions. People use people. It’s the power to control, persuade, and eventually imprison them into false causes.This is why conspiracy theories and junk religions thrive even today.

People by nature want to belong, want to be part of something good, and want to make a difference in the world.

Those who understand our nature, use it against our own interests for their own. Abusers hunt people to take advantage of them and use this human uniqueness as a weapon.

My plea to you – before anyone out there signs up for a cause, whether it be for political campaigns, religious freedoms, or any social project, please first check into the facts behind the curtain. There are so many organizations seeking public approval, money and support that do not merit your time.

Take diligence and investigate before you invest a breath of yourself. If we blindly believe, without first questioning, then we may end up with something that will literally blow up in our faces.

Let’s keep our hearts open to those in Brussels who lost their lives, their families and the entire community. Even years after 911 many citizens in our country are affected by the destruction. It’s brutal to watch your home country suffer. The strength shown this morning in Brussels, as people stopped on their way to work for a moment of silence in the public squares, shows that despite the monsters who threaten our peace of mind–we can overcome the troubles.

Love in the end, for ourselves and our neighbors, can keep the diverse cultures together in peace. Remain mindful of wolves in sheep’s clothing. But also open your heart to those you know deserve your time and affection because you used your own freedom to see the truth.

Thank you for your time spent reading my rant.

Brussels is a beautiful city and is the setting for a few chapters in the next book in my serial Curse & Secrets. Although it’s great to have headlines line up with your story – I never anticipated this horrible incident – and would gladly go without the city being in the Reuters news.

Watch for Seeking Redemption to be released later this year. Until then . . .

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