zgutaFor those who know me well, you already know that I’m an introvert and don’t like to share too much personal information publicly. This has been a busy, and at times difficult year, in the Zguta household. A few major life changes have shifted our way which required some planning and preparation on our part.

I had surgery in September, and then my husband had surgery, just two weeks ago today. No worries. We are both doing fine and thankfully will be healthier for the procedures. But things like that can take a toll on the spirit.

So it’s a good thing that they happened this year because we had something else to focus on besides ourselves. There was a wedding in the family and another wedding is coming up this weekend!

I am so excited. Concentrating on the good things that happened, the year’s highlight was my son’s wedding in early November. It was wonderful to see the entire family rejoicing on such a happy day and I know in my heart that my son and his new wife will have a great life together.

Today I have another reason to celebrate:

Seeking Redemption

My third book is officially released and I want to share my good news.

Please, I ask that you share this information because I am looking for readers of suspense thrillers with a supernatural slant and a twist of horror. If you know any readers who are Kay Hooper, Joe Hill, Mark Frost, Stephen King or Dean Koontz fans – Please share my book news with them. I would appreciate your help at networking.

Seeking Redemption (Curses & Secrets Book 3) by [Zguta, Elisabeth]Seeking Redemption – Book three of my Curses & Secrets saga is an exciting story, packed with suspense. I’ve tried to draw a picture of who my characters are, how the family is surviving, and most importantly how Robert can survive and still live with himself.

I think we can agree that living with guilt can destroy ourselves inside and very often hurt our loved ones, as well.

Those who read my original books Breaking Cursed Bonds and Exposing Secret Sins already know what a lost cause Robert is, and to see him “Seeking Redemption” is a spectacle in itself. But there’s more to this story . . . we see his sister, Emilie, once again using her paranormal ability to save the day, or does she? You’ll just have to read the story to find out.

If anyone is interested in reading the book in exchange for an honest review, please contact me for a copy.

Thank you all for your support and please spread the word about my stories.

EZIndiebutton2  Keep Reading! Keep Writing!


  1. I certainly will purchase your book Elisabeth and I will enjoy the read. BTW – you have a great eye for creating book covers! I am sure your customers agree!

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