Finishing Your Novel…

Writing a novel IS NOT an easy thing for a person to accomplish—but it is decidedly one of the most rewarding.

That may be the reason there are so many people writing books these days, now that anyone can achieve this goal.

The World Wide Web, eBooks, and print on demand distributors have changed the playing field of publishing.

Today anyone who is determined to learn new skills, and engage in new technology and resources, can create their vision into a book.

One thing to remember:

Only finished manuscripts can be read. There is a long road to follow from the beginning idea, to the end product of  ‘the story’.

And yes – a book is a product:

  • A product of your imagination,
  • A product of your long hours of writing sentences,
  • A product less the scrapped sentences, rewritten with the new.

There are many experts in our world who offer sound advice:

????????????????????????If you seriously want to have your story turned into a novel, then I suggest you do your due diligence.

You can find help with the links in this post or the links on the side menu for Resources and distributor information.

Read up on the industry. Follow the success stories.

Read the advice given by sage authors.

Most important — you must write!

PlaqueIt took me a long four years to develop and publish what I thought to be the best I could ever accomplish. Then once I began developing the second in the serial, I realized so many ways to make the first even better.

Now I am writing book two while rewriting and editing book one for the next edition.

What do I expect to gain from all this extra work?

In the end—the story will be polished and entertaining for the reader. It will be loaded with tension, with developed characters, and a story that no one else in this entire world could tell. It will be complete, maybe.

I hope you hang in there with me and read the serial Curses & Secrets with the revised book one

BREAKING CURSED BONDS and the second book in the serial EXPOSING SECRET SINS

Release date in 2015!  Update – now released!

EZ Indie PublishingKeep reading – Keep writing!


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