Sometimes I unplug from everything.

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In our society we’re so connected and I feel a bit selfish when I stay in my cave.

People wonder where you are, what’s wrong, or more often than not, want you out there mixing it up with them so they aren’t marketing alone. I get it.

I’m a big advocate of indie authors connecting to do the work of promoting reading together, after all, there’s more power behind a joint effort, but there are days when I can’t see the forest from the trees. (Is that still a saying?)

There are times when I feel discouraged and even taken advantage of, (it happens – people are human after all – we use each other). Worse, some days despite all the joint efforts with others on social media, the sales don’t budge. That’s when I want to pull my hair out.

I bet you’ve felt that way as well. That’s when I know it’s time to step away from the social media and take a deep breath.unplug

This is why I haven’t posted on my blog for awhile. Instead, I took a vacation in Florida, wrote some more on my next novel, and more important—I sorted out my path so things sit right in my head, like a spring cleaning for my brain.

We all need to find the balance to keep optimistic and productive, and sometimes that means turning down the noise.

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A lot is going on this year for my family.

A new grandson is due in July, my older and first, most wonderful grandson is making more college decisions for next fall, my adult kids are working hard at their careers, and a list of family issues are happening—the way things stay busy when you have a large extended family.

I love it all, it adds flavor to my life, but it also pays a toll on the balance. Sometimes I need to unplug.

Despite wanting to do it all, I can’t and probably shouldn’t. Taking on other’s responsibilities is too easy, especially for a mother—and if we do it cheats others of their own right to live their life make their mistakes and learn.

Stepping back has been the hardest part of mothering I’ve faced in these past 39 years! But I’ve learned to do it as well as to unplug now and then.

Thanks to anyone who read my rant today. I hope you are reading, writing, and creating each day, and bringing happiness into your world.

Now, back to writing . . . and creating invitations for baby shower, haha.

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