writing best queryI read an article this week that touched on the subject of writing longhand. Some claim that they are more creative writing long hand.  Others prefer it to an iPad or other computer device because it is disconnected from email, twitter and of course Facebook, just to mention a few distractions.  Some may like the distraction, but it does affect the writing flow.

I read an interview this week with Joe Hill about writing, and he said he liked using a notebook for various reasons, the most obvious ones – you don’t need electricity, you don’t have to worry about spilling stuff on it, and it can be carried anywhere.  That got me thinking (a dangerous thing sometimes) about how to transcribe a written journal into a document that can be properly edited etc.

Here is a possible solution – ehow.com convert-handwriting-word-document.html

There are many software choices that convert the written word into an electronic document.  Most software assume you are using a device.  I have not used any of these software packages before , so if you have, please comment and let us know about your experience.

To reap the benefits of writing into a paper notebook freehand, you will need to convert your paper page via OCR software (Optical character recognition).Cnet

OCR software via CNET reviews – and downloads

Scanning is just the beginning – now you will need to edit the OCR document too.

There are many steps – maybe they are easy enough and worth using free writing long hand.  Maybe it is easier to just type the free hand work directly into your writing software – that needs to be a choice you make, but at least know you do have a lot of choices out there!

Have a great weekend.  Keep reading – Keep writing!

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