Today I want to mention an educational site available for anyone who wants to  learn more…

KhanKhan Academy is a site where you can really exercise your brain muscle. Did I mention it’s FREE!

You are probably already aware of it since its been around since 2008. Learn more about the mission here. They are non-profit, so browse and if you like their approach, help them out, OR just join in the learning. There are all kinds of approaches, tests, games, self challenges and in various studies, math and humanities. One that caught my interest is a Physics class in One-dimensional motion, another is Art History – The Baroque

Check out the knowledge map – give yourself a test, see what you remember.

Don’t forget about the other resources available to you for FREE

Previously I have posted about the great courses made available through Coursera. and other MOOCs like the International Writing Program.

What’s a MOOC? It  stands for massive Open Online Courses and consists of a great network of higher institutions that offer free courses in various subjects.  I have the bug – I can’t help myself, I have a curious nature.

I have completed two so far:Content_Strategy_MOOC_ReColor---Sized

And I am currently participating in three:networksgrow

So Join in the fun of learning something new.

Check out  Follow their channel on YouTube too.


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