Writing can be lonely.

Reaching out to meet strangers is hard for us Introverts, especially when we move to a new place. As writers, we tend to be our own best company. As  writers who want to publish our best work, we need to go a bit further, and expand the horizon.

We need to utilize writing groups, critique groups and Beta reader teams.

There are so many groups to choose from listed on the web from LinkedIn groups to the usual social media sites – so start browsing. Find a place that seems to have activity you connect with people and conversations, like  HERE  for example.

So how does an Introvert find fellow writers?

 I stumbled on my first writing group by joining the local NANOWRIMO team.

We share a group on Facebook, and send back and forth Shield-Nano-Blue-Brown-RGB-biggermessages of support, great links and posts, etc. During the actual month of activity, some members meet up to write together at various coffee houses – giving each other support during the harried month of mayhem.

 1366511586495348401free-green-button-google_plus-thThe second writing group joined was on Google +

There are some large writer’s group there like Writer’s Discussion Group , but I joined a smaller group of eight. We post what we working on, into our private Google Drive, and then we critique and edit each other. Sometimes it is cruel – but always worth it. I found them by joining in the conversations in the regular writer’s group, and answered the call when one person recruited the rest of us. It has been a good experience.

 My third group, I found using MEETUP, which is a web site to help you find local groups.

This is especially good if you are new to an area – In my case, I have lived in Memphis for only four years but I still don’t know too many people (hello – Introvert here) So when I went to the first meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to find fellow writers taking their craft seriously. This group is very supportive, and such a mix of writers from poets to novelists, which makes it more interesting.writing

All in all, there is no reason to go it alone.

Writing everyday by yourself will drive you crazy if you do not mix it up sometimes. Besides, we all need to be pulled away from our own story, and back to reality.
Our work is not always the ‘piece of perfection’ we think it is and a good critique group will keep you honest, and help you hone your craft.

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  1. Great tips! I probably have to find and join a writing group myself eventually but right now I’m in that “lonely phase” until I feel more settled in my writing routine and find the courage to share my work. Talking about it through blogging helps though so I suppose that’s sort of my “writing group” at the moment.

    1. Hello Caffe Maggieato, I completely understand the lonely phase. I will check out your blog, and hope you share your writing soon. Feedback is a very helpful tool and helps build confidence. Best wishes.

  2. Some great ideas here…thank you, Elisabeth! In January, I embarked upon a commitment to complete my memoir in 6 months. I’m just about half way through that process now, which has been terrific in terms of sticking to deadlines and submitting 2500 word chunks to my mentor every 2 weeks. And just last fall I joined a very small group of flash fiction writers who’ve been wonderful about encouraging me to join them in their weekly sessions, which I did for 6 weeks. It was so much fun to write fiction…and really made me step outside of my box! But I began to spread myself too thin (I also have a day job…nothing to do with writing). I just scoped out your suggestion of ‘meetup.com’ and discovered there’s a blogging group that is of interest, although at this point I still like flying beneath the radar on that, since I’m not sure I’ll ever want to pursue publication anyhow and only blog because I enjoy the writing so much, not because I’m interested in garnering a following (I don’t want to have to worry about pleasing my followers…stupid as that may sound). Anyhow…great post! Thanks for sharing some good ideas.

    1. Hello ‘Life and Other Turbulence’ sounds like your energy level is set on high. You made a sound decision to keep yourself from burnout by spreading yourself too thin. I tend to do that myself because I get so curious about everything. Glad the MeetUp helped you find your next target when your time allows. I heard about it through a course I took, and was so surprised that I never stumbled across it before, but obviously many already have started up lots of groups. I am glad it helped you too.

  3. I’ve been in a critique group for years now, and can’t imagine not being part of some kind of writing group. You’re so right–you can turn into a lunatic if you spend too much time in your own imagination…Gah.

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